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Door Frames

“Dura-Life”DOOR FRAMES are manufactured using Galvanized steel under high supervision and superior quality, meeting international standards.

“Dura-Life” STEEL DOOR FRAMES are designed for use in both residential &commercial projects where Steel Door Frames are preferred alternative to wooden frames.

Globally, the building & construction industry is using steel door frames as a quality and cost effective alternative to wooden frames. Cost savings achieved through our competitive pricing structure coupled with installation efficiencies result in significient savings for developers, builders and contractors.

The alloy steel used in the production process is a special (GA) form-able, Zinc-alloy steel (base metal cold rolled), It is rust-resistant, and can be painted without surface preparation.

“Dura-Life” STEEL DOOR FRAMES can be supplied in completed (welded) format or unassembled (Knock-down) format to facilitate transport. Knock-down frames can be assembled on site.

“Dura-Life” STEEL DOOR FRAMES are manufactured to suit our clients specific requirements. Frames are supplied with hinges, striker plate, lock pocket and architraves and can be produced to match any door size, with right or left hand openings.